Golden Rules of Scuba Dive


English: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chamber for...

English: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chamber for a single diving casualty (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





  1. To learn with a qualified instructor and be informed of technological and advances in hyperbaric medicine.
  2. Do not dive if you have a headache or if you feel uncomfortable.
  3. Do not drink alcohol or carbonated drinks before a dive.
  4. Never supply air to a diver in apnea below the surface; the air breathed will expand while ascending and the diver could face a pulmonary baro-trauma.
  5. Never self-evaluate your physical abilities or skills.
  6. Do not diving outside your comfort zone and outside your limits.
  7. Plan your dives and respect that plan (depth, time).
  8. Always make sure there is at least 50 bars in the bottle after the dive session.
  9. In case of repetitive dives perform the deepest one first.
  10. Do not touch anything; nothing from the sea is to be taken.
  11. Do not do physical exercise in the hours following the dive.
  12. Do not hesitate to take oxygen if the monitor tells you to do so. (Symptoms of decompression accidents never disappear without treatment, they always worsen.)
  13. Whatever you do, keep breathing; don’t ever hold your breath, or your lungs will burst and you’ll die!”
  14. Open Tank Valves Fully.
  15. If one diver has a problem, whether it is gear-related or simply discomfort, it is also his buddy’s problem. The buddy is responsible for his teammate’s safe return to the surface.
  16. Never dive alone. “To dive alone is to die alone”
  17. As a group, the ascent of one involves that of all.